Carrera Digital 132/124 Wireless Set (2 Controllers) slot spares New Arrivals

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Digital 132/124 Wireless Set Duo (2 Controllers)

Carrera 10109

This wireless radio signal system uses 2.4-GHz technology and imports even more digital technology onto your Carrera circuit. A range of up to 15 m allows wireless operation of up to six vehicles simultaneously on one circuit.
Frequency hopping provides uninterrupted, frequencyindependent operation. The powerful Lithium-Polymer power pack provides power for eight hours of non-stop action – and a fully charged battery can remain charged 20 days on the standby setting.

The new 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ can be used with a Black Box or a Control Unit. The receiver allows signal transmission to six different cars and the set is controlled via ultra-light hand-held wireless controls.
The charging stations powering the hand-held controls are incorporated into the track. The charging stations can be installed in the track layout by linking up to the Adapter Unit or Control Unit.


  • 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ radio controlled technology
  • Race for up to 6 drivers
  • Ultra-light, wireless speed controller
  • Recharger with direct connection to the Carrera circuit
  • Operating range up to 15m
  • Uninterrupted and frequency independent due to frequency hopping
  • 8 hours of non-stop operation
  • Battery powered with Lithium Polymer power pack


  • x2 WIRELESS+ Speed controllers
  • x1 WIRELESS+ Receiver
  • x1 WIRELESS+ Double charging station
  • x2 Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries for speed controllers
  • x1 Adapter Unit
  • x1 Half Straight Border
  • x2 End Borders
  • x8 Track section bolts
  • x1 Instructions

This accessory is compatible with the following systems :

  • Carrera DIGITAL 124
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132