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Pit lane with different driving modes for true-to-original races. Length of 1 pit extension is equal to a standard straight (13.58"" or 34.5 cm)

That real racing feeling for your DIGITAL 124 or DIGITAL 132 race track! The Pit Lane adds an important racing element to your Carrera race track. The Pit Lane works in conjunction with the Control Unit (30352) or the Black Box (30344). However, the extended tank function is only available for use with the Control Unit!

The Pit Lane gives you three new ways to make your race on the track even more exciting, while also allowing you to add tactical elements. Automatic lap counting
On the one hand, a lap count is integrated in the Pit Lane. Especially during longer races, you can quickly lose track of the laps you have driven. Thanks to the automatic counter, you can fully concentrate on your lap times. Lap counting can also be deactivated if needed. Refueling the cars
No matter in which racing series - the pit stop is always a special moment. Used tactically, it can decide you win or lose the race. It is the same on your Carrera race track! You can set the slot cars to have regular pit stops. If you don’t pull in for a pit stop, it slows down your slot car and the exit can be re-decided in a heart beat. You need the Driver Display (30353) to be able to read the fuel level in your tank. Deploying a Pace Car
On the other hand, the Pit Lane also serves to let the race be led by a Pace Car. As in real races, you can bring the Pace Car onto the track after an accident to recover the vehicles that have gone off the track. The only thing to make sure is that the slot car has pace car electronics. If you want to use the tank function and a pace car at the same time, you will need two pit lanes.

Whats in the Box:
1x lane change entry, 1x lane change exit, 1x standard straight section, 2x single lane straight section , 1x Pit Stop Adapter Unit with 2x end sections