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Digital proportional radio control system.
The RX SET(receiver setting) menu provides a number of function setting menus to allow you to set up the receiver system in all aspects.
User-friendly design for each operation and handling.
With lightweight and portable size, it is easy and convenient to carry and use.
Ergonomics, comfortable hand feel, not easy to sweat.

Product Model: FS-ST8
Channels: 8-10
Adaptive Receiver: FS-SR8 ( Adapts Receiver with ANT Protocol )
Model Type: Helicopters, Gliders, Delta-wing Airplanes, Multicopters, Engineering vehicles, Robots, Cars or Boats, etc.
RF: 2.4GHz ISM
Maximum Power: < 20dBm (e.i.r.p.) (EU)
2.4GHz Protocol: ANT
Distance: >1000m(Air distance without interference)
Channel Resolution: 4096
Battery: 1.5AA*4 / 2S Lipo(JST)
Charging Interface: NO
Data Output: PWM/PPM/i-BUS/S.BUS
Low Voltage Warning: AA battery: <4.2V/ Lipo battery: <7.2V
Antenna Type: Built-in double antennas
Display: 128*64 LCD (Black and white Dot Matrix Screen)
Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%
Languages: Chinese, English
Online Update: Yes
Color: Black
Size: 176*210.9*82.5mm
Weight: 420g

Product Model: FS-SR8
Adaptive Transmitter: FS-ST8 (Adapts Transmitter with ANT Protocol )
Adaptive Models: Helicopters, Gliders, Delta-wing airplanes, Multicopters, Engineering Vehicles, Robots, Cars or Boats, etc.
Numbers of Channel: 8
Maximum Power: < 20dBm (e.i.r.p.) (EU)
RF: 2.4GHz ISM
2.4GHz Protocol: ANT
Distance: >1000m (Air Distance without Interference)
Antenna Type: Two Antennas
Input Power: 3.5~9V/DC
Data Output: PWM/PPM/i-BUS/S.BUS
Online Update: Yes
Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%
Size: 44.8*26.6*11.3mm

Package Information:
Package Size: 23.5*25.5*9.5cm
Package Weight: 661g
Gift Box Packaging

Package List:
1* Transmitter
1* Receiver
2* User Manual