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When it comes to blending Electronics and Mechanics together, motors are always the first items to come to mind, as they utilize clever electromagnetics to move physical parts, with the electrical input being directly related to the mechanical output. This is why we get so excited at the idea of high-strength hobbyist servos like this JX-Servo PS-5521MG Servo Motor.

Despite its tiny size, this power servo motor offers a whopping 20kg of stall torque with high strength metal gears and a relatively wide voltage range. Additionally, it is capable of a reasonably small 90° maximum angle, but within this small angle, it features a near-instant 90° rotation in only 0.24 seconds, with a very narrow deadland of just 7μs.

These features make it a great choice for an excellent range of different projects, including simple rotational or Linear Motion in basic projects like RC vehicles, all the way through to automatically opening windows in your home automation system. And with a great set of features, high strength, a small form factor, as well as excellent reliability in a wide range of different environments – and a great price to complement these features – the JX-Servo PS-5521MG Servo Motor is a solid choice for almost any Hobbyist Servo applications.



  • Model

– PS-5521MG                                                       

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V to 6V

  • Control Mode

– Analog

  • Operating Speed (@ 4.8V)

– 0.18s per 60°

  • Operating Speed (@ 6V)

– 0.16s per 60°

  • Stall Torque (@ 4.8V)

– 17.25kg.cm

  • Stall Torque (@ 6V)

– 20.32kg.cm

  • Maximum Angle

– 90°

  • Operating Frequency

– 1520µs / 50Hz

  • Deadband

– 7µs

  • Gears

– Metal

  • Bearings

– Dual Ball Bearings