Umarex HDP50 Defence

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Umarex T4E HDP50 is a RAM pistol designed to shoot nylon, pepper, or rubber projectiles. It is an ideal self-defense tool and can also be used for training and recreational shooting.

The Umarex T4E HDP 50 has an alloy frame covered by a polymer layer, which significantly decreases the overall weight to only 682gr.

The Umarex T4E HDP 50 operates with a single 12g CO2 cartridge, inserted into the grip. You pierce the cartridge using the cap at the grip’s base. This system ensures the cartridge is always ready for use and avoids seal damage. An indicator confirms the pierced cartridge.

You can use .50 caliber rubber or pepper projectiles. The loading procedure is really unorthodox. The tubular magazine is placed below the barrel and has a capacity of 6 projectiles. The loading port is located behind the 22 mm Weaver rail which can be used to mount a laser or flashlight. This model launches projectiles with a maximum kinetic energy of 11 J.

Although there is no external manual safety, this model integrates the Double Action Only (DAO) trigger mechanism along with trigger safety. As a result, this system is intrinsically secure, contingent upon your strict adherence to fundamental firearm safety guidelines.

The T4E guns (Training for Engagement) from German manufacturer Umarex are effective self-defense tools used by many armed forces for training.

For ease of transportation or carriage as a side-arm, look at our soft material nylon holster or soft material leg rig with extra magazine and gas compartment or the Umarex HDP50 polymer holster.