Tamiya M-Chassis 60D Reinforced 1/10 Tyres Type-B (2 Pairs)

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M-Chassis 60D Reinforced Tyres Type-B (1 Pair)

Item # Tam54216

Compared to Type-A tires, these slick tires for M-chassis machines have been specifically designed for use on high temperature track surfaces. Integrated aramid fibers help resist deformation due to heat, enabling high endurance and consistent performance.
Specs & Features
  • Tire width: 25mm
  • Tire outer diameter 60mm
  • Use in combination with 53255 M-Chassis 60D Inner Sponge, Hard (4pcs.) or 50686 M-Chassis 60D Inner Sponge Set.
  • M-Chassis 60D Reinforced Tires Type-B x 2pcs.
  • Can be used with all M-Series chassis machines except for M-04L.