WE G19x Airsoft Pistol Tan Gas blow Back 6mm New Arrivals

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 Airsoft Pistol
WE Tech G19X Gen5 Green Gas Blow Back Pistol - Tan

WE airsoft G Pistol have a polymer frame & a metal slide. This Gas Blowback pistol has a realistic operation based on the real pistol.

G pistol are one of the most common airsoft handguns. WE are the first to update their offering with this model G pistol which is a 19 size slide on a shorten 17 style frame, the pistol includes a lanyard loop as this was intended for military use.


Length: 180 mm
Weight: 0.5000 kg
Magazine Capacity: 25
Muzzle Velocity: ~ 310 fps
Powered by: Green Gas
System: Gas Blowback
Major Colour: Tan